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Value or Low Price?

M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Do you know what your customers really value?  What are they willing to pay for that you can bring to the market place?  What is important to them that you can provide?  Does this give you an advantage in the environment in which you work?  Can you use this advantage to […]

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Innovation and Strategy

  These two words go together sickeningly often.  Every buzz-word spouting bozo tends to refer to themselves as “inspiring strategic innovation” or “working on innovation strategy”.  But these words have very specific meanings, and, when it comes to strategy, there is innovation that will be strategic, and innovation that will not be. To begin with, […]

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Can You Turn Your Threats into Opportunities? By Looking at the Glass Half Full You May Find Significant Growth While your Competition Is Spending Time Mitigating the Threat

  Events threaten us strategically for three reasons:  They threaten our customers, they threaten displacement of our products or services, or they threaten our competitive position.  Each of these types of threats contains an opportunity for innovation hidden within. One of the most basic threats we face is one that threatens our customers.  Simply put, […]

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The Game Changing Innovation

  Some of the most successful companies in the world experienced huge growth as the result of a game changing innovation.  A few, like the Sony Walkman or the Apple iPod, were products, but others, such as Wal-Mart’s distribution system and Google’s search/advertising link, were fundamental shifts in business practice that redefined markets far outside […]

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