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Can a Strategic Plan be TOO Simple?

By Robert W. Bradford,  President/CEO At the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, we have always valued simplicity.  Lately, however, we have noticed the growing popularity of extremely brief strategic plans -many of them touting themselves as “one page strategic planning”.  While some strategies could indeed be summarized in a single page, my own belief is […]

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Finding Resistance

By Robert W. Bradford, President/CEO In strategy, you will inevitably find resistance to your plans.  This resistance is sometimes forceful, and other times something you can overcome with resources and effort.  An interesting question is how to deal with resistance.  Should you always push hard to overcome resistance to your strategic objectives (probably not) – […]

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Drowning in Strategic Initiatives? Here is a powerful tool for screening them out.

By Robert W. Bradford, President/CEO Strategic Planning Expert Robert Bradford When assessing strategic opportunities, we have for years examined four variables in the Simplified Strategic Planning process – value, probability, management effort and financial risk.  Recently, I have taken to including a secondary analysis of opportunities, undertaken when reviewing opportunity screening worksheets in meeting number two.  […]

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Evaluating Acquisition Targets – Part 2

By Robert Bradford, President/CEO In my earlier posting about evaluating acquisition targets, I discussed four common approaches to evaluation a company:  market value, asset value, operating value and strategic value.  Today we will look at the exact approaches to market value and asset value, with objective formulae. First, market value.  The objective numbers for this […]

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