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Strategic Evaluation of Acquisition Targets – Part Two

By Robert W. Bradford, President & CEO This post is part of a series taken from Robert Bradford’s article Strategic Evaluation of Acquisition Targets published in Compass Points September 2008.  In part one we introduced the series and discussed Market Impact.  In this part we will discuss Technology impact, Human resource impact, Distribution impact, and Supplier market impact. Technology impact Sometimes you […]

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You May Have One or More of These Problems with Strategic Opportunities

By Robert W. Bradford Opportunities are one of the three core elements of value creation in strategic management.  Unfortunately, most companies struggle with opportunities, because there are few processes (outside of a good strategic planning process) that effectively shape the organization’s response to the ocean of opportunities we have available to us in business. Here […]

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Chaos and Strategy

By Robert W. Bradford, President and CEO One of the underlying – and very human – desires most people bring to strategic planning is the desire to put things in order.  This is useful and desirable, but this desire often runs headlong into a messy fact about the real world that is unavoidable:  the world […]

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The Volume Trap

By Robert W. Bradford, President & CEO Over the years, I’ve encountered dozens of companies that seem to be caught in a trap of their own making.  It’s the result of doing whatever it takes to satisfy customers that, in the end, will buy from the supplier who offers the lowest price. The low-price strategy […]

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