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Using the Simplified Strategic Planning Model in a Multi-Divisional Company

Compass Points Talks to: Tapemark President, Bob Klas, Jr., and CEO, Jim Burmeister Note:  This article was originally published in Compass Points in April 1999. TAPEMARK, located in West St. Paul, Minnesota, began operations in 1952 as a producer of custom printed, self wound adhesive tape. Using its technical expertise in developing automated processes to manufacture adhesive […]

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What Happens When the Host Country Environment Changes? A Tale of Currency Devaluation You Have Successfully Outsourced – Part Three

By Denise Harrison Note:  This post is part of a series of posts from Denise A. Harrison’s article What happens When the Host Country Environment Changes originally posted in Compass Points in November 2004.  Part One introduced the topic and discussed how Competition, Customers, Technology and the Economy will respond.  In Part Two, we discussed The assumptions we made, Strategic Options, Evaluation […]

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