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Everyone Knows Execution is Important – So Why Do We Fail to Execute?

By Denise Harrison, Vice President Execution of strategy: we know it is important, but why doesn’t it happen? Based on my experience working with over 100 companies on strategy development there are four key areas that lead to execution success. Focus on the few: Select a few – 8-10 key strategic objectives to accomplish in […]

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Success Sows the Seeds of Failure – Toyota’s Complacency Causes Reputation to Crash

By Denise Harrison, Vice President Strategic Planning Expert Can success breed failure? This seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? But world class companies continue to fall into this trap – Toyota is the latest example.  Toyota gained market share in the automotive market by focusing on quality – this was their strategic competency.  This single-minded […]

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Help! My Market Doesn’t Need My Product Any More! How to Strategically Position Your Company for Success in the Face of Changing Market Preferences

By Denise Harrison, Vice President “First, the bad news, the market for buggy-whips has disappeared; but the good news is, that we have cornered the market for 8-Track tape players.” Who makes the screens that go into electronic readers – you know the screens on Amazon’s KindleTM and Sony’s ReaderTM?  Prime View dominates this market; […]

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Lessons Learned from Boeing’s Stumble:Risk assessment is Key to a Successful Strategy

By Denise Harrison Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has not hit its development milestones, causing Boeing to take a $2.5 billion charge against earnings.  What happened?  Key to Boeing’s past success has been its ability to achieve its “big hairy audacious goals or BHAGs” (from Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras).  In the 1950s […]

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Strategic Planning: When Good Goals Go Bad

By Denise Harrison “As the housing market collapsed in late 2007, Moody’s Investor Service, whose investment ratings were widely trusted, responded by purging analysts and executives who warned of trouble and promoting those who helped Wall Street plunge the country into its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.”[1] Banks failing, real estate loans made […]

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How Can Smaller Companies Compete and Win?

by Denise A. Harrison, Vice President Smaller companies often feel dwarfed by the giants in their industry, especially during tough times.  Often industry giants are better at weathering economic downturns with their wide array of resources. But Arena Resources’ strategy not only allowed the company to survive this economic downturn, but turn in exceptional performance […]

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Use the Recession to Trigger Rejuvenation: Develop a Strategy to Revitalize your Company

by Denise A. Harrison, Vice President Rejuvenation linked with recession?  How can that be?  It certainly causes pain – but where does this rejuvenation come from?  During the 17th century Dutch economy collapsed – the tulip bubble burst – this was when a tulip bulb could cost as much as a house.  But rather than […]

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