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Strategy Analysis: Expand

by M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant In strategic planning, there are five basic strategies one may pursue: Expand, Maintain, Contract, Milk or Withdraw.  The most aggressive strategy is Expand.  What does an Expand strategy encompass? First, let’s define the Expand strategy so we have a basis on which to base discussion.  The dictionary defines expand […]

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Is your New Product Development Process Complete?

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Strategic Planning Expert How is your total new product development process performing for your company?  There are a number of elements to consider before answering this question. Elements of the analysis should likely include: Market Intelligence sufficiently equipped to provide well-documented and well-thought-out analyses of potential new products and […]

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Internal Communications for Effective Strategic Implementation

by M. Dana Baldwin One oft-forgotten practice which should be considered even more important during this turbulent time is communications within your company. As you might consider once you reflect on the situation within your company, people are concerned about their futures, the future of the company and generally how things are going. There are […]

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