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Do You Listen to Your Marketplace?

M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant Do you listen to your customers, to your competition, to your environment?  What influences your decisions about where to take your company in the future?  Will continuing to do what you have always done work in the future, or will it doom you to a slow spiral into oblivion? Sometimes […]

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Why Don’t Companies Plan?

M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant What is there about strategic planning that keeps companies from making the effort to plan their futures?  Why are companies afraid to plan?  We have some experience in overcoming this hesitancy through exposing companies to strategic planning in our seminars: Simplified Strategic Planning. Let’s look at some of the reasons […]

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What is a “SMART” Objective?

By M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant In strategic planning, we often talk about “SMART” objectives.  But when it comes down to actually picking our objectives, are we really being smart, or are we simply reaching for an easy way out? We define an objective as a task or project that is necessary to accomplish, but for […]

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