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Do you think competitive business strategy doesn’t apply to your non-profit? Think again.

Many – MANY times, when teaching Simplified Strategic Planning seminar, there will be attendees from non-profits.  Many of them enjoy the seminar, take the tools from the workbook, and use them productively.  Often they don’t think competitve business strategy applies to their non-profit and will comment that “this material is more suited to a business”. […]

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Technology and Labor Trends – Can this Combination Generate Opportunities for Your Business?

Technology and labor trends -Is your company seeing these trends? Many experienced workers are retiring from the workforce, often taking critical knowledge with them. Hiring difficulty: especially among the skilled trades. Well, your customers also face these trends – how can you help?  Can you design products/services that will help alleviate these issues for your […]

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Aligning Departments with Strategy – Part Three

Note:  This post is the final in a series of posts from Robert Bradford’s article Aligning Departments with Strategy originally posted in Compass Points in November 2002.  Part One (click here) introduced the topic and discussed the affect that the Purchasing and Accounting departments have on strategy.  Part Two (click here) discussed the affect of the Operations, Sales, Human Resources […]

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