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What Changes Impact Your Bottom Line? Hint: There Is More To Pricing Than Meets the Eye

By Denise Harrison In their well-researched book, entitled The Price Advantage the authors (Baker, Marn, and Zawada) use the following statistics to highlight the importance of pricing: Operating Profit Improvement Per 1% Improvement in:   A 1% increase in price achieves an 11% improvement in operating profit.  This statistic should make us take some time […]

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Turn Your Threats into Opportunities

by Denise Harrison Reprinted from October 2006 During the course of strategic planning your company will look at threats — outside forces that can severely impact your company’s success. Often the analysis of threats includes looking at how you mitigate them by: Preventing the threat from happening Reducing exposure to the threat Assuring early detection […]

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What is Focus?

By M Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant What is focus?  Why is focusing on your business so important it should be a key element of your strategic planning?  Why is it a key to your ongoing success?  What happens when you lose focus? To illustrate what focus is, let’s use the example of a camera.  In order […]

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