Yearly Archives: 2010

Can a Strategic Plan be TOO Simple?

By Robert W. Bradford,  President/CEO At the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, we have always valued simplicity.  Lately, however, we have noticed the growing popularity of extremely brief strategic plans -many of them touting themselves as “one page strategic planning”.  While some strategies could indeed be summarized in a single page, my own belief is […]

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Strategy Analysis: Expand

by M. Dana Baldwin, Senior Consultant In strategic planning, there are five basic strategies one may pursue: Expand, Maintain, Contract, Milk or Withdraw.  The most aggressive strategy is Expand.  What does an Expand strategy encompass? First, let’s define the Expand strategy so we have a basis on which to base discussion.  The dictionary defines expand […]

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Finding Resistance

By Robert W. Bradford, President/CEO In strategy, you will inevitably find resistance to your plans.  This resistance is sometimes forceful, and other times something you can overcome with resources and effort.  An interesting question is how to deal with resistance.  Should you always push hard to overcome resistance to your strategic objectives (probably not) – […]

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Everyone Knows Execution is Important – So Why Do We Fail to Execute?

By Denise Harrison, Vice President Execution of strategy: we know it is important, but why doesn’t it happen? Based on my experience working with over 100 companies on strategy development there are four key areas that lead to execution success. Focus on the few: Select a few – 8-10 key strategic objectives to accomplish in […]

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